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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  March 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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begin at 8:15. on capitol hill, a controversial design for the proposed eisenhowize en hoeisen up for debate. fuchbt featured statues shows him as a boy and barefoot. it's intended to depict his humble childhood in kansas. some have called that design offensive to his legacy as president and world war ii commander it would sit close to the national air and space museum. the eisenhower family is invited to testify at today's hearing. today, the first day of spring and the first day of the cherry blossom festival. today is the first day of the cherry blossodstream fest -- blossom vest festival. you may want to ride the metro
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or take the shuttle bus. traffic and, paing around the national mall expected to be very congested. it will last five weeks instead of the usually two weeks. veronica, joe, you never tire of seeing those gorgeous blossoms of blooms. >> i don't think you can take a bad picture of the cherry blossoms. all good. >> worth going down to see it up close. >> do the cherry blossom fingers hold onto the trees overnight with the rain? did the rain knock them off? >> no, it wasn't a heavy rain. i don't think we'll have a heavy rain. out of a couple of days, by the weekend, we could have a heavier rain. weekend not looking too great. today first. again, looking at showers moving across the area right now with an overcast sky. temperatures throughout the area, not too bad. we have light wind and that's allowing fog to form. reports of fog up around
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hartford county, i-95 around maryland, just before you get to pennsylvania and some more patchy foggy spots down around the river and easton. that will be burning off the next couple of hours. 63, the temperature. wind out of east. light. light wind out of east all day long. but like yesterday, it will be a carbon copy, where we start out in the 60s, with clouds, a few showers. 62, 63 across the area. gaithersburg to forth belvoir. and sunshine in here. showers around prince georges county. making their way southeastward and lightning south of mt. arry. high temperature, 73 degrees with a good deal of sunshine. let's head out to the roadways. traveling on 395, making your way northbound to 14th street bridge, right at edsall, just cleared.
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good news. traveling 395, no issued as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. a disabled vehicle, right shoulder lane, that guy is gone. that is wrapping up. all lanes open as you cross the 14th street bridge. i-95 at dale boulevard. volumes light and not seeing accidents. make your way from dale city and 395, looking good, travel speed at 67 miles per hour. do slow down because you have wet pavement on the roadway. traveling i-270. live look at shady grove. back in ten minutes with travel speed as you make your way down frederick to the beltway. over to you. >> thank you very much. an all-out manhunt under way in france, french police are looking for a man who shot and killed a rabbi, his young sons and a girl. the shooting occurred yesterday morning at a jewish school in toulouse, france.
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overnight, thousands marched in silence in honor of the victims and laid flowers outside the school. investigators say the same .45 caliber gun is the same weapon used in two previous shootings that killed three military troopers of north african and caribbean descent. french officials are concerned they may be dealing with a serial killer. guards are posted at every school in the region. the justice department is investigating the controversial shooting death of a florida teenager. police say a neighborhood watch volunteer shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in a gated community in sanford, florida. the man who shot him, george zimmerman, claims he acted in self-defense. he said martin appeared suspicious and had his hand in his waistband. martin's family says it was racially motivated. the justice department will take
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action after an independent review of all of the evidence. the martin case is getting national attention. the white house extended thoughts and prayers. students at howard university want to see justice and zimmerman arrested for murder. the naacp student of law students and other organizations from howard plan to travel to sanford, florida, and protest next week. professors at howard are also offering their assistance. >> we simply wanted to offer our condolences, first of all, to the family and then our offer of assistance to the lawyers. >> civil rights activist al sharpton is expected to join sanford city leaders in a town hall to discuss how the case is being handled. this morning, we're hearing from some of the students hurt in a chain reaction crash between three school buss in prince georges county. they were leaving frederick douglas high school and crashed
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near crew road. they were traveling at a low speed, but dozens of students still injured. >> there were two buses hit. one bus, pretty strong, got knocked in the bushes. i was sitting sideways, and i got thrown and hit my head on the metal window, and that was -- that hurt. >> 34 were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no one was seriously injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a middle school student facing charges for bringing a gun to school in charles county. the boy arrested after a tip yesterday morning led to a search of his locker. in a letter to parents, school officials say he brought the gun to school with the plan to sell it after school. today, the focus on illinois in the gop presidential nomination. home state of president obama.
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romney tried to fire up young voters in chicago. and rick santorum also spoke. >> you should be working for conservatives. thank you. >> he is uniquely disqualified to go out and make the case against obama care, because he developed the blueprint for obama care. >> recent polls in illinois have favored mitt romney. santorum is ineligible for 10 of 54 delegates because he filed paperwork too late. new red-top meters may be pulled off the streets before the first coin is droppe eped t council will consider a plan to remove the red-topped meters. right now, drivers with disabled permits can park for free at any
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meter, but the program is confusing and residents want a public hearing before the new program is instituted. everyone wants to get home more quickly after a long day at work and now metrorail is making changes that could help your commute, called rush plus. a new map shows some new changes. the orange line trains run from morgantown center. and both lines will also have six extra trains each hour to cut down on congestion. this new map will go up in stations over the coming months with the new extra rush hour service indicated with dashed lines. it is now 4:38. speaking out. what the wife of a soldier accused of killing several civilians is saying about the attack. a look at who is behind the latest effort to find amelia
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welcome back. time 4:41. heading out the door, you need to know there are showers out there, and maybe even thundershowers. off to the east of d.c., prince georges county, montgomery county, the northern spot, and western howard county. all moving east/southeastward.
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and damascus, getting a lot of lightning, headed toward ashton and showers around bowie, passing over the next couple of minutes. showers and thundershowers until 9:00 a.m. this morning. 63 your temperature, like yesterday, you will see the sunshine. get up to 68 degrees by noontime. 5:00, 73 degrees. back up to the low 70s, just like yesterday. sunshine around noon time. and it will hang on to evening. by 9:00, isolated showers back in the forecast. coming up, seven-day forecast. let's head over to danella with traffic. i-270 northbound at route 80. construction blocking the left lane, just a bit of a delay as you make your way to construction. stick to the right to get by it. and no real issues. 57 miles per hour out of frederick, maryland. clear as you make your way
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southbound. 56 miles per hour, and continuing southbound, nice speeds in rockville. no issues connecting to the spur. interloop speeds, 57 miles per hour. back to you both. >> thank you very much. time is 4:43. still co-to-come, trying to get things back to normal. when you will be able to top to of the national
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breaking news in montgomery county. a few minutes ago, crews put out a fi a fire. >> let me show you the bus now.
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right on the road, on georgia avenue near the glenmont station. they are cleaning up the bus and preparing to tow it let me give you a closer look. this fire was absolutely amazing. it appears the fire started somewhere near the engine compartment and quickly spread through the rest of the ride-on. there was a driver on board who made it out safely. luckily, no passengers on board. there have been a number of issues with montgomery's 29- and 30-foot buses this started in 2009 with a fleet of buses manufactured by champion. the question asked, how safe are these buses since there have been so many fires? the most recent happened this february in bright oak. one in december, one the year before in rockville and one in silver spring as well. no one has ever been injured in these fires. the county operates 29- foot and
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30-foot buses. there is a fleet of 46 of these buses. everyone from union workers to mechanics have told us that these buss are jupg and want them off the road. montgomery county is investigating. in the meantime, here we have another fire that happened here on the short ride-on buses. a major fire, and luckily, no one injured. tracee wilkins, news 4. the turn for the u.s. soldier accused of a shooting rampage in afghanistan says robert bales does not remember the night of the massacre. robert bales is accused of killing 16 afghan civilians, including 9 children earlier this month. bales is currently in solitary confinement. he joined the army shortly after 9/11. bales was a stock broker prior to that. and prior to afghanistan, bales served three tours in iraq, where his attorney said he was injured twice.
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friends and neighbors say reports of what happened in aftghanistan say they don't happen like the person they know. >> one of my best guys. could give him any job, doesn't matter what it was. he would get it done. >> this is not our bobby. i swear. this is a major mistake. you got the wrong name. >> his attorney will likely use post-traumatic stress disorder as part of the defense. bales' wife released a statement. our family has little information beyond what we read and see in the media what has been reported is completely out of character of the man i know and admire. please respect me when i say i cannot shed any light on what happened that night, so please do not ask. i too want to know what happened. i want to know how this could be. >> 75 years after amelia earhart mysteriously disappeared, the
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state department will begin a renewed search for her plane. she was on a journey around the world. the wall street journal reports that the state department will launch a new project to solve the mystery using private funds. it will start in july. on capitol hill, house republicans will unveil their proposed 2013 budget. the election year budget is expected to contrast with president obama's plan for taxes and spending. republicans expected to include politically sensitive curbs on medicare and personal income taxes. the house panel is expected to debate and vote on the plan tomorrow. tech giant apple, threatening to keep $60 billion out of the u.s. economy if congress does change the policy. apple is calling for a tax holiday along with cisco, microsoft and google.
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the hill newspaper estimates that $1 trillion could be injected to the nation's economy. in an attempt to cut down on campaign corruption, the d.c. council will consider a bill today that would limit money order donations. money orders for $500 or $1,000 have turned up. suspicious money orders are part of einvestigations to 2003. >> i want to make it equivalent to cash. if you are only allowed to give $25 in cash and we've seen from recent events, the use of money orders can be a device to avoid campaign limits. >> if passed it won't affect the april 3rd primary, but likely in place before the november general election. the national cathedral
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center tour will reopen for one day only, this weekend. the opening for this saturday's annual tower climb, that's when people climb the 333 steps to taken in the sights of d.c. even though the cathedral is still undergoing restoration, the tower is structurally sound and safe for visitors. the intricate stone work and architecture was damaged by last year's earthquake. >> have you been up there? >> no. >> that is a hike. >> have you done this climb? >> when i got there, i am like are you kidding me? >> 333 steps, that's a lot. >> worth it at the top? >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> all right. i'm signing up. >> should we be climbing out there this morning? in the distance, maybe a little bit of thunder. we've got it in northern montgomery county and western howard county.
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thunder, lightning coming through the area, moving southeast. and let's head on over and talk about what we can expect later on today. like yesterday, the sun breaking out. partly sunny and like yesterday, we'll get back into the 70s, low to mid 70s throughout the area. charlottesville, 78. culpepper, 77 degrees. warm spot. right down here, 73 in d.c. 73 in leesburg. and manassas, 74 degrees. cooler near the water. 60s, annapolis and not too bad. current temperature right now, we are again in the low 60s across the area, with a little bit of thunder and lightning. laytonsville and ashton. that will be moving southeastward toward 29 and toward areas toward savage and showers down around bowie and kettering, not producing lightning right now. and high temperature for today,
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folks, maxing out in the low to mid 70s, 30% chance of a passing shower. 75 tomorrow. partly sunny, not too bad. popup shower, most part looking dry. thursday and friday. 79 to 82 degrees, the weekend as i said, some changes, showers and storms, and could get wind with the storms on saturday afternoon. the high 70 saturday, 63 for sunday. good morning. i-95 in maryland if that's your commute. traffic speeds, 67 miles per hour as you go south bound past 100. and the travel speed, 63 miles per hour. 32. live camera at 216. no issues i-95 north or southbound. and 62 miles per hour as you make your way to the beltway. nine minutes from 216 to the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at the rails. with nine games left, the caps broke out of a slump to
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notch one of the best wins of the season. they stopped a two-game losing streak with a big 5-3 win over the detroit red wings. they had a 4-1 lead at one point. ovechkin, two goals in the first period, both on the power play. he now has 32 goals, matching his record of last year. tebow main tebow mania turn manning mania in denver. manning could be introduced at a news conference earlier today. he called john elway yesterday to tell him he chose mile high over tennessee and san francisco. a deal expected to be worth $95 million over five years. there are reports that the broncos would not try to trade away tim tebow, who led denver to the playoffs this year. so, mr. tebow, thanks very much,
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but good-bye. >> this is what happens. >> show you the door. >> he really energized those folks in denver. there you go. >> he'll probably find a job. 4:54. coming up, a destructive fire. at 5:05, what we're learning about this fire that forced a maryland family out of their home. boosting your curb appeal. while adding a mirror or two to help you sell your home faster. the haunting guest people claim they are
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welcome back. oprah winfrey's struggling television network is laying off 30 workers and restructuring operations. winfrey already canceled rosie o'donnell's low rated talk ow. having trouble selling your home? try installing so-called skinny mirrors. a local real estate agent says she noticed more mirrors in homes on the market, and the kind of mirrors that make people look thinner. it can make perspective buyers feel good about themselves therefore the house. >> i think we will see more of it. i do. and -- and any agent, you know, when are you listing a house, marketing it, it has to be competitive. and i think that agents this
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might be just one more thing. >> okay. mirrors are just one aspect, of course, of the staging process used to sell homes. kennedy says agents rent new and trendy furniture to make houses more appealable. >> they should have subliminal messages, you're wonderful. >> you deserve this house. you should just have skinny mirrors everywhere you go. new reports of out of this world activity at the clubhouse grounds in arlington. >> the facility is closed for construction, but some workers are seeing a ghost. they believe it's the ghost of margaret fabris. do you see her there? she died as a teenager and


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